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When it comes to product safety and customer experience, packaging plays a crucial role. New packaging designs, shorter and shorter product cycles, and an increased number of variants are the greatest challenges of producers in the food industry.


Food packaging now accounts for more than 40 percent of production costs. Due to rising labor costs, increasing sick leave due to monotonous motion sequences, and extensive costs for complying with hygiene regulations, manual packaging is a steadily growing cost block in the process chain. To optimize the production process in collaboration between humans and robots, flexible planning of the currently required capacity is necessary


Our solution:


With AIRSKIN® collaborative applications with powerful and precise industrial robots can be easily and flexibly integrated into the automation process - fences are not necessary! Thus, industrial robots can be used optimally and, due to the innovative developments of robots and the supporting systems, the numerous activities (different filling quantities, different packaging) can also be carried out by the robot instead of the human on an occasion-related basis

Thanks to AIRSKIN®, the robots can be used flexibly, and the application can easily be moved or changed over the end-of-arm tool. And all this with maximum safety for the humans working in the immediate area:

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AIRSKIN® is certified by TÜV Austria per ISO 13849 and reaches the highest safety category PLe 3, Cat.3.

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