AIRSKIN for Stäubli

TX2touch POWER cobot range


The only cobot with the SIL3/PLe safety level.

Unique range of cobots

Designed for safe human-robot collaboration while maintaining high productivity.

Advanced skin technology

Quick reaction time for safer operations with the TX2. Embedded modular safety functions.


The TX2touch-60 series has a payload of up to 9 kg with a maximum reach of 920 mm.



The TX2touch-90 series has a payload of up to 20 kg with a maximum reach of 1450 mm.

Stäubli TX2touch-90 collaborative robot covered with airskin

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Frequently asked questions

  • We are happy to connect you to your local Stäubli point of sales. AIRSKIN on the Stäubli robots is tightly integrated and only available as robot including AIRSKIN.

  • Please contact us directly to discuss your needs. You can also contact your local Stäubli sales point or support, who will then refer you to us.