Aerospace Industry

AIRSKIN realizes the automation of airplane production where it was not possible before.
No fences.   Smallest footprint.   Highest flexibility.   Industrial quality.

Your problems:

  • Automation around the product necessary
  • No real possibilities for fenced cells
  • Industrial demands too high for current cobots
  • Full safety for the workforce is necessary

AIRSKIN solution:

  • Fenceless industrial application without cell
  • Automation on a 1 m² footprint
  • Industrial robot performance
  • CE marked and certified with PLe / Cat.3
Your benefits with AIRSKIN applications in Aerospace industry:


Up to 6 times faster than comparable fenceless/collaborative solutions on the market


Mounted directly onto the robot for flexibility in location and task


Removing fences and light curtains saves up to 90% of floor space than can be used otherwise


PL e, Cat.3 / SIL 3 certification guarantees the highest safety standard for collaborative robots

AIRSKIN – your ideal automation partner

The Aerospace industry poses unique challenges: high product costs, big products the automation must be built around and limited lot sizes.

Moreover, the aerospace industry is limited by strict regulations and international standards.

This means the production automation has to be customized to the industrie's challenges while maintaining safety as a top priority.

That's why AIRSKIN is an ideal fit for this sector: Industrial automation with industrial quality and effectiveness without fences wherever it is needed.

Certified at the highest level for safety (PLe cat.3), AIRSKIN ensures the highst protection, aligning perfectly with the stringent safety requirements of the aerospace industry.

AIRSKIN Fenceless Experts:


With decades of experience in fenceless industrial automation and a CMSE (Certified Machinery Safety Expert) in every project, we guarantee the leading edge of safety Know-How.


The AIRSKIN application team works together with all robot and control manufacturers. They can program all mayor robots and controllers on the market.


Assembly often needs tools, grippers and fixtures specially designed to your tasks The AIRSKIN team can help you with consulting, concepts and fully taking care of all necessary parts.

AIRSKIN – fenceless collaborative solutions

Say goodbye to fences and make the most out of your production space. With AIRSKIN, go fenceless and unlock your automated production possibilities, taking your operations to the next level.

Integrating industrial robots with AIRSKIN ensures your process and cycle times remain unaffected. The robot won't halt if a worker is nearby, but it will stop safely in case of a collision, eliminating any worries about interruptions. With AIRSKIN, collisions with obstacles or people are managed safely, preventing harm to anyone or damage to anything.
AIRSKIN fenceless applications currently can be realized with:


  • KUKA Agilus: up to 10 kg and 1.1 m
  • KUKA Cybertech: up to 24 kg and 2 m
  • KUKA Iontec: up to 70 kg and 2.5 m
  • KUKA Quantec: up to 300 kg and 3.1 m

AIRSKIN and Stäubli:

  • TX2-60 series: up to 4.5 kg and 0.9 m
  • TX2-90 series: up to 10 kg and 1.45 m

AIRSKIN and Epson:

  • Scaraflex: up to 6 kg and 0.7 m
AIRSKIN Safetyflange

The AIRSKIN Safetyflange protects both the end-of-arm tooling and the attached workpiece. With it, you can trust that your workpiece is always protected in a case of a collision.

Explore our selection of four different types of AIRSKIN Safetyflanges, each offering the same level of safety assurance with unique mechanisms:

  • AIRSKIN Safetyflange 10 – with 5 different springs to adjust the actuation force as needed
  • AIRSKIN Safetyflange 20 – with 3 different springs and the ability to adjust the magnetic force
  • AIRSKIN Safetyflange Pro – with 3 different magnet magazines and the ability to add or remove magnets from the translational magazine
  • AIRSKIN Safetyflange Pro Core – the same as AIRSKIN Safetyflange Pro but without AIRSKIN-Pa
More about AIRSKIN Safetyflange
AIRSKIN Applications for Aerospace Industry:

AIRSKIN Pick&Place 

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AIRSKIN Assembly


AIRSKIN Machine Tending



AIRSKIN Quality Control

Quality control


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