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Future-proof automation for household appliances


The worldwide market for household appliances goes through disruptive changes: The number of consumers arising from the Asian and African continent for the European and US market is enormous. In addition, the requirements of the traditional buyers are increasing too: Higher variety is demanded, sustainability creates more and more bio-products, recyclable packages are a must. This all leads to a boost in variations for the production.

Customer-orientated design and marketing have become increasingly important in the area of household appliances. Production managers for dishwashers or electric cookers are facing problems such as the assembly of customized corporate prints and covers as simple and standardized as possible and to reduce the inspection effort to a minimum without heavy investments of the current production line.

In order to minimize production costs a highly integrated and sophisticated solution is necessary!


By using AIRSKIN® production lines in the household appliance industry can easily be upgraded with industrial robots – without any fences! Industrial robots equipped with AIRSKIN® take over these monotonous tasks such as gluing labels or lettering. The employees, working directly next to the robots in the automation process, can fulfill more complex tasks in a safe environment.


The best of 2 worlds is combined by using AIRSKIN®: More payload, reach, precision, speed, and longevity of industrial robots together with more flexibility and fenceless applications of collaborative robots. Taking advantage of these modernization steps, the household appliance industry can handle the future challenges arising from the necessary automation in a smart and efficient way.


AIRSKIN® is certified by TÜV Austria under ISO 13849 and reaches the highest safety category PLe 3, Cat.3.


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