AIRSKIN as your

General Contractor 

We are committed to guiding you through every phase of your project, ensuring that you can use the future of production already today.

Your needs:

  • Not enough floor space because of all the fences
  • You want to convert your production line to a fenceless production or design a completely new fenceless production line
  • Require a customized solution
  • Full safety for your workplace

AIRSKIN offers:

  • Fenceless production with AIRSKIN can save up to 90% of your space floor
  • Our fenceless experts handle all aspects of fenceless automation from A to Z
  • We offer all the essentials for a fully fenceless automated production process
  • CE marked and certified with PLe / Cat.3

We handle all aspects of fenceless automation

From planning and design to execution and approved installation (including CE marking), our experienced team is by your side, prioritizing safety at every turn. Whether you're upgrading an existing production line or embarking on a new automation journey, our expertise ensures a smooth transition to a fenceless production environment.

We understand the unique needs of each project, whether it's optimizing your current setup or designing a brand-new system from scratch. We cover every aspect of the process, from conceptualization to implementation.

Introducing ourselves as the experts in fenceless automation, a title we've earned with pride. With a collective experience exceeding 150 years in fenceless automation, we're dedicated to revolutionizing the industry landscape.

Trust us to unlock the full potential of your production floor, maximizing efficiency and safety every step of the way.

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Your benefits with AIRSKIN fenceless applications:


Up to 6 times faster than comparable fenceless/collaborative solutions on the market


Mounted directly onto the robot for flexibility in location and task


Removing fences and light curtains saves up to 90% of floor space than can be used otherwise


PL e, Cat.3 / SIL 3 certification guarantees the highest safety standard for collaborative robots

Maximizing safety and efficiency throughout your project

For any significant project, the first steps are crucial. We start with a thorough analysis of the production line and workspace to identify optimization opportunities.

We accompany our customers on their fenceless journey and support them in selecting the appropriate robots, sensors and equipment. We offer complete support from concept to delivery of the finished system with CE marking. Our commitment extends to providing full application usage training and troubleshooting guidance to ensure our customers can maximize the benefits of their new system.

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Care free solution

The AIRSKIN team can consult you, help you building your application or offer you the full care-free package for your fenceless application, even with a signed CE-marking.

Safety by the experts

With decades of experience in fenceless industrial automation and a CMSE (Certified Machinery Safety Expert) in every project, we guarantee the leading edge of safety Know-How.

Strong network

AIRSKIN is not only part of leading networks (VDMA, A3), but also cooperates with international certification bodies (TÜV, UL, CSA) and with brand names (SICK, Pilz, Keyence, …)

What does it mean to have AIRSKIN as your general contractor?

Choosing AIRSKIN means partnering with a team dedicated to delivering excellence at every stage of your project. We offer flexibility to handle tasks in-house or delegate to subcontractors as needed. Understanding our customers and their needs is essential to our approach, ensuring their project's success from start to finish.

We can offer you the following as your general contractor:

  • Application concept
  • Selection of robots, sensors, etc.
  • Implementation of safety technology
  • Gripper development (suction grippers and crate grippers for interchangeability)
  • PLC programming
  • Robot software
  • Visualization/UI for operation
  • EPlan/Electrics
  • Development and assembly of peripherals (mechanical devices, etc.)
  • Integration with conveyor solutions
  • Risk assessment & safety concept
  • CE marking (process conformity)

Unleash exceptional productivity with our experienced team

We prioritize delivering the best and most efficient solutions to our clients through a precise, step-by-step process. Our approach involves close collaboration and constant information exchange with our clients to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Here's how we do it:

  1. Simulation and Cycle Time Calculation: We begin by simulating the application and calculating the takt time.
  2. Analysis and Optimization: We thoroughly analyze weaknesses and time-wasting points, then optimize the application and resimulate it to determine the improved takt time, seeking customer approval at this stage.
  3. Development and Testing: We build the application, conduct rigorous testing, and optimize every possible aspect to achieve the best results. This involves extensive testing until we are completely satisfied with the outcomes.
  4. Documentation and Safety Assurance: Every step is documented, and each move is analyzed. We consult with our Certified Machinery Safety Experts (CMSE) to ensure that safety remains our top priority.
  5. Implementation and Training: Once the desired results are achieved, we install the application at the customer's site and provide comprehensive training on the new application. This ensures our customers have all the support and information they need to embark on their fenceless journey confidently.

Through this thorough and collaborative process, we guarantee our clients receive top-tier solutions tailored to their specific needs.

With our expertise and dedication, rest assured your production facility will operate securely, without the need for conventional protective fencing.

Experience the future of manufacturing with our complete fenceless automation solutions. Let us take the lead, so you can focus on the success of your business!

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