AIRSKIN makes industrial robots unbeatable in all fenceless applications.

AIRSKIN is mounted directly on the robot, which gives you the highest level of flexibility.

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Highest level of flexibility

Applications with the combination of industrial robots and AIRSKIN offer the highest level of flexibility. This is due to the unique AIRSKIN technology, which is mounted directly on the robot.

Applications with industrial robots thus become fenceless collaborative applications. Production and automation processes can easily be designed in a highly flexible manner.

In addition, the higher reach of industrial robots in combination with AIRSKIN is another advantage in terms of flexibility compared to cobots. Any change in the layout of the automation process is simplified to a minimum. 


More Flexible Workspace

Increase your capacity and enjoy truly fenceless applications. Reduce your footprint in the shopfloor up to 90%.

Decrease Cycletime

Upgrade your industrial robots with AIRSKIN. Collaborative movement speeds significantly faster than traditional cobots (up to 1.3 m/s).

Increase ROI

Save costs and increase the ROI of production cells. Add AIRSKIN® to your current industrial robot, allowing advanced levels of safety with the programming interface you are already familiar with. 

Curious about AIRSKIN?

Frequently asked questions about flexibility with AIRSKIN

  • Concerning the hardware, no changes are necessary – whether AIRSKIN is connected directly to the robot or to a Safety PLC. Apart from that, like with any other change in an application, a new risk assessment has to be carried out or the existing one adapted by a safety expert.

  • AIRSKIN is currently available for KUKA Agilus, Cybertech, Iontec and Quantec as well as for the Stäubli POWER Cobot Series TX2touch-60 and TX2touch-90

    In addition, AIRSKIN Modules can be used for individual solutions and the AIRSKIN Safetyflange for EoATs.