Service and Cleaning applications

Success Story:

Skyline Robotics is revolutionizing the future of facade management starting with Ozmo the window cleaning robot.

  • The robot imitates the human cleaning motion but is operated by a real human to ensure proper cleaning.
  • Since Ozmo is operated by humans, and safety is always a priority, it important that a collaborative, fenceless application is being used
  • Skyline utilizes the KUKA Agilus KR10 R1100-2 with AIRSKIN’s special waterproof edition
  • The advantage of utilizing Ozmo is to reduce the amount of labour per site, while increasing the pay for window cleaning operators or Ozmo
  • With Ozmo, depending on the site, could save a service provider up to 75% of the project costs, and achieve a fast ROI

AIRSKIN Service and Cleaning applications currently can be realized with:


  • KUKA Agilus: up to 10 kg and 1.1 m
  • KUKA Cybertech: up to 24 kg and 2 m
  • KUKA Iontec: up to 70 kg and 2.5 m
  • KUKA Quantec: up to 300 kg and 3.1 m

AIRSKIN and Stäubli:

  • TX2-60 series: up to 4.5 kg and 0.9 m
  • TX2-90 series: up to 10 kg and 1.45 m

AIRSKIN and Epson:

  • Scaraflex: up to 6 kg and 0.7 m

“AIRSKIN was a pleasant partner to accompany us on this special and challenging journey. We decided to go with the AIRSKIN solution because we could be sure to get an excellent customer support from the Viennese Tech team”

Avi Abadi
Founder of Skyline Robotics 


Your benefits with AIRSKIN Service and Cleaning applications:


Up to 6 times faster than comparable fenceless/collaborative solutions on the market


Mounted directly onto the robot for flexibility in location and task


Removing fences and light curtains saves up to 90% of floor space than can be used otherwise


PL e, Cat.3 / SIL 3 certification guarantees the highest safety standard for collaborative robots

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