AIRSKIN Journey – your path to illumination

A clear and transparent training system designed to support growth

With the introduction of the AIRSKIN Journey, our company is embarking on a significant move towards professionalization and internationalization. This comprehensive training program is designed to introduce and skillfully train AIRSKIN employees across all areas of the company. Launched on January 1, 2024, the system not only equips our team with essential knowledge but also strengthens our market position as a recognized fenceless expert.

The new AIRSKIN training system, which is based on the Teach on Mars framework, is a system for everyone and everything. It consists of a variety of learning courses and offers individual development paths for employees, which are fully integrated into the existing system. The training system can be used both mobile and on the PC. A clear course structure and a high level of transparency guide employees through their tasks and responsibilities within the company.

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The system is structured via training paths, training courses and final quizzes & exams. The classic onboarding for all employees is followed by a specialized program for the individual areas and experts. The clear structure is defined primarily by 3 area:

  • Clear roles
    • Admins
    • Instructors
    • Learners
  • Job-specific paths
    • Technicians
    • Sales
    • Fenceless Experts
  • Gamification
    • Quizzes

Long-term development of a partner and network training system

The initial stage of the training system is currently purely internal and will be continuously improved based on experience and adaptations. In the long term, the AIRSKIN Journey is intended to be a simple, clear and comprehensive training system that will also train and educate external partners and customers. This will form the basis for AIRSKIN to build up an efficient partner network in the long term.