AIRSKIN in moving-line assembly

Revolutionizing Safety in Automotive Manufacturing at Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH with AIRSKIN 

Exciting strides at AIRSKIN! In collaboration with InPro electric GmbH ( we could help Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH make further steps towards open and fenceless production. AIRSKIN enables automated rolling of door paneling in the open production at the running vonveyor belt.

Application Overview:

  • Automatic rolling of door paneling synchronized on both sides using KUKA Cybertech and AIRSKIN with 50-100 N pressure.
  • Achieving a remarkable speed of 500 mm/s in open space (and a potential for 750 mm/s), surpassing previous industry standards.
  • Ensuring safety without the need for additional safety technology, marking a leap forward in fenceless applications.

Key Benefits for VW:

  • Improved Ergonomics: Eliminating arduous manual labor and challenging working positions, fostering a safer and healthier workplace environment.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Empowering employees to focus on complex tasks, optimizing resource utilization for more impactful contributions.
  • Space Optimization: Overcoming spatial constraints by enabling fenceless applications, crucial in VW's finishing areas where setting up traditional fences is impractical.
  • Safety: Completely safe fenceless operation adhering to ISO/TS 15066.



Impact on Production:

Programmed collision retraction of several centimeters allows uninterrupted production, with a subsequent full stop occuring only if the collision persists, ensuring both safety and productivity.

Our partnership with Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH demonstrates how AIRSKIN® unifies productivity, safety and workplace ergonomics within the automotive sector.

We take pride in supporting Volkswagen's dedication to innovation and ensuring the well-being of their employees.