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AIRSKIN at the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles In-House Exhibition

Following our successful appearance at Hannover Messe 2024, we at AIRSKIN had the special opportunity to participate in an in-house exhibition at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. This event was limited to the most innovative 8 exhibitors at HMI 2024 and allowed us to showcase our innovations to a high-level audience.
The in-house exhibition gave us the opportunity to present our latest technologies and solutions to  the production board, top management and planners of VW Commercial Vehicles. The response was overwhelmingly positive. We were particularly pleased with the constructive feedback and the stimulating discussions, which led to many new project ideas and co-operations.

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AIRSKIN Technology

AIRSKIN presented the AIRSKIN Cellcore-  the KUKA Cybertech 2 and the new KR C5 Controller on a base - as well as the AIRSKIN Safetyflanges (SF10, SF20, SFPro, and SFPro Core) at the VW Commercial Vehicles in-house exhibition.

In our Pick & Place application, we demonstrate how an industrial robot can be operated safely, faster and more precisely without fences. The robot removes plastic parts precisely from one side of the storage and inserts them just as precisely on the other side of the table.


This application operates without additional safety systems at shoulder height with a speed of over 1 m/s and a reach of 1810 mm.

We would like to thank VW Commercial Vehicles for the invitation and the excellent organisation of the in-house exhibition. The event was a great success and showed that together we can realise an open and fenceless production of the future.
We are excited about the upcoming projects and look forward to deepening our co-operation and implementing innovative solutions for tomorrow's production today.