kuka agilus 2 collaborative robot covered with airskin

Kuka logo@2x

AIRSKIN® for the KUKA robot line

• Agilus 2 KR 6/10 R900-2/1100-2
• Cybertech 2 KR 16/20/22 R1610-2/1810-2/2010-2

Stäubli TX2 collaborative robot covered with airskin

Staubli logo@2x

AIRSKIN® for the Stäubli robot line

• TX2touch-60/90 L
•TX2touch-60/90 XL

epson scara robot covered with airskin

Epson logo@2x

AIRSKIN® for the EPSON Scara robot line
Under SCARAFLEX brand

• T6-600
• LS6-600
• LS6-700
Available 4/2021

Unlimited possibilities
with AIRSKIN® Modules

Add safety to your robot's End-of-Arm-Tooling, 7th axis, AGV or any other moving machinery with our modular AIRSKIN® pads in various sizes, shapes and thicknesses to meet your application requirements.

All our AIRSKIN Modules
4 airskin module pads connected to a controller laying on the ground

Start your true robot
collaboration with AIRSKIN®

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