Automation World writes about an AIRSKIN fenceless application at BMW Group 

The article highlights AIRSKIN's fenceless/collaborative robot technology at the BMW Group’s plant in Regensburg, Germany. It has transformed operations by enabling an industrial robot to operate without traditional safety fences. The removal of safety barriers not only enhances safety but also optimizes space utilization on the production line.

"By implementing Airskin for the robot and the measuring tool, this robotic application can now be operated without safety fences and maintain the highest level of safety. In addition, the seat measurement application’s layout has been changed, improving cycle times by 18 seconds."

For more insights and to learn how AIRSKIN revolutionizes seat measurement operations at the BMW plant, we recommend reading the entire article and exploring our blog 

  • Source: Automation World
  • Published on: 10 May 2024
  • Title: Airskin Technology Adopted by BMW