Tabak Problem-1


The tobacco industry in Europe, like many other industries, suffers from high labor costs. The comparatively large number of temporary workplaces demands additional production planning. This results in a clear need for automation to continue producing tobacco in Europe in an economically viable way.

In the tobacco industry, in particular, many of the activities involve monotonous work that is harmful to health in the long term. As is quite often the case, space problems and existing, maximally optimized factory buildings are the starting point, which makes automation difficult, since there is usually no room for complex automation cells.


Our solution:

AIRSKIN® in combination with a KUKA Agilus 2 KR10 offers a simple and fast solution to optimize the production process without a fence. This reduces labor costs, saves companies from additional hurdles by the health department, and simplifies the production process. In fact, with AIRSKIN®, the robot can now take over the lidding or palletizing of tobacco cans - all activities that were previously performed by human hands.

It also eliminates the need for contract labor during peak periods and allows the company to deploy its employees more efficiently. This also makes the European tobacco industry more competitive compared to low-wage countries.


AIRSKIN® is certified by TÜV Austria per ISO 13849 and reaches the highest safety category PLe 3, Kat.3.


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