Our Certified Machinery Safety Experts: Timo Schmid 

Robot technician and mechanical developer, CMSE

Already as a child, I spent a large part of my free time in the workshop. I deepened this early interest in technology a few years later during my studies in "Industrial Engineering and Management" (Bachelor & Master) at the Vienna University of Technology.

During my studies, I discovered my fascination for robotics during an internship at BMW South Africa Ltd. As a result of this newfound interest, I also dealt intensively with the topics of robotics and automation technology in my leisure time, as well as in the context of student research projects & activities at the Institute of Production Engineering at the TU Vienna.

After my studies, I started working as a product designer at Blue Danube Robotics GmbH. As the responsible expert for the development of the product series "AIRSKIN Safetyflange", as well as a programmer of various robot applications, I'm confronted with the topics of safe design and safety in fenceless robot applications daily.

To further expand my expertise in these areas, the next logical step was to become a "Certified Machinery Safety Expert".

This additional qualification enables me not only to prepare internal documents (e.g. for the EC-type examination of new products) but also to provide professional on-site support to customers and advise them on safe applications.

Thus, I will be able to make an important contribution in the future to make our customers' vision – fenceless, flexible and at the same time, safe production – come true!