Andreas Baldinger (CEO,CMSE) and Petra Kaindlstorfer (CPO) at automatica 2023 next to KUKA Quantec


AIRSKIN for KUKA Quantec and KUKA Cybertech at automatica 2023

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KUKA Quantec

AIRSKIN® boosts fenceless robotics by the factor 10 compared to cobots

With the AIRSKIN® solution for KUKA Quantec AIRSKIN® sets new industry standards


Munich, June 27th, 2023 - AIRSKIN® turns a KUKA Quantec into the largest fenceless robot to date. Combining AIRSKIN®’s soft pressure sensitive safety skin with a high performance industrial robot gives you the best of both worlds – high payload/reach with proven robustness/precision plus fenceless/collaborative operation – opening up limitless possibilities for fenceless automation.

“With the new AIRSKIN® for the KUKA Quantec we are really enabling open and flexible manufacturing and help to bring the output to a much higher level than any other cobot solution. The pure facts are impressive in comparison. Its output possibilities are at least 10 times higher than the cobots on the market!” explains Andreas Baldinger, CEO of AIRSKIN® - Blue Danube Robotics.

The Quantec with AIRSKIN® offers a payload from 120 to 300 kg and a reach from 2700 to 3100 mm. The soft highly sensitive AIRSKIN® allows fenceless operation at up to 2 m/s in free space. The proven AIRSKIN® technology meets highest safety standards (ISO 13949 PLe/ Cat.3, IEC 62061 SIL 3).

For questions:

Stephan Neisser

Tel.: +43 699 18 11 60 11

eMail: neisser@airskin.io


About AIRSKIN® - We focus on safe human robot collaboration by upgrading standard industrial robots to fenceless collaborative applications. Our vision is to enable the open and flexible production layouts of the future.
Based in Austria, we develop and produce AIRSKIN®, a patented, add-on safety sensor solution for robots, AGVs, End-of-Arm-Tooling (EOAT) and other moving machinery.