AIRSKIN®: Pioneering Industrial Automation - A Recap of Our Interview with Easy Engineering

At AIRSKIN® our recent interview with Easy Engineering was an incredible opportunity to showcase our dedication to transforming industrial automation. Our dialogue showcased the fundamental values and pioneering technologies that define AIRSKIN®'s commitment to transforming the industrial landscape.


"AIRSKIN®’s vision is to enable open and flexible production layouts (fenceless production). As it works with industrial robots it is the fastest solution on the market for collaborative, fenceless applications."

During the interview we had the chance to  highlight our commitment to cutting-edge solutions prioritizing safety and flexibility. Notably, in 2023, we introduced AIRSKIN® for the KUKA Quantec, setting a new standard in collaborative robotics. This innovation offers a remarkable payload capacity of up to 300 kg and a reach of 3100 mm and underscores our dedication to redefining industrial automation, enhancing safety and productivity.


"With this solution it has become the solution with the highest payload and longest reach in the collaborative industry by far. The output possibilities are at least 10 times higher than existing cobots on the market"


Moreover, our commitment to open and flexible production was a pivotal point in our conversation with Easy Engineering. The realization that cobots are not fast and safe enough for widespread use in established industries such as automotive and FMCG is leading to a rethink.


"The AIRSKIN® for KUKA Quantec changes the game of fenceless/collaborative robotics, as all of a sudden, huge and strong robots can be used in open production layouts without over-engineering each application on its own."


To gain deeper insights into our vision and pioneering advancements in industrial automation, we invite you to read the full interview with Easy Engineering here. Stay connected with us through our website and social media channels for the latest updates on our transformative automation solutions.