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AIRSKIN at Automatica 2023 in Munich

We look back at our most successful exhibition with the biggest product reveal so far. In our striving towards an open and flexible production of the future, we unleashed the full power of industrial automation for all our customers at the Automatica exhibition in Munich from 27th to 30th of June 2023.


After intensive preparation and a completely new development for the biggest fenceless robot in the world, the AIRSKIN team was stoked to unleash the full power of industrial automation and show the world what this future of production looks like. On four days, we presented our main products as part of two demos at our booth:



The eye-catcher was the KUKA Quantec with AIRSKIN, by far the largest fenceless robot, which was free-standing, without a fence and for all visitors to touch.

The KUKA Quantec with AIRSKIN has a 15 times higher payload than the strongest cobots and provides twice the reach than the biggest cobots in the market.

Together with the second demo, a KUKA Agilus and Cybertech working together for quality inspection, we showcased how a production can be arranged more flexible, so that it can adapt itself easily depending on product ranges and production orders.

Our statistics from the exhibition:  

> 5,000 individual visitors > 150 qualified conversations and leads 27 organized meetings 2 deals closed at the booth


>1,000,000 people reached through the social media campaign > 2,000 website clicks >100 LinkedIn reposts >1,100,000 page impressions


Automatica 2023 was a blast for us, and we are very happy for the opportunity to show our solution to make the vision of future production a reality now!

The future of unleashed power of industrial automation is here – feel the change!


For questions:

Martin Kirchthaller

Tel.: +43 660 370 77 44



About - AIRSKIN® is the industry game changer by unleashing the full power of industrial automation. We are the go-to solution provider for open and flexible robot applications with our patented safety technology AIRSKIN, which upgrades standard industrial robots to fenceless applications.

Based in Austria, we develop and produce AIRSKIN®, a patented, add-on safety sensor solution for robots, AGVs, End-of-Arm-Tooling (EOAT) and other moving machinery.