Problem F B

Increase your flexibility with AIRSKIN®


The food & beverage industry is a typical example of mass production. Fast and high turnover of products is required. In addition, high hygiene regulations demand a special approach. Not enough, seasonal cycles make the production process even more complicated.

Especially producers of chocolates and sweets are a good example. Seasonal cycles are dominated by the Christmas and Easter business which leads to bottlenecks in production. Companies very often take usage of leased employees. This not only leads to higher labor costs but also extended administrative search for employees as it is difficult to get the right people. The permanent staff, which is normally busy with regular operational tasks, has to educate and train the leased employees producing expensive overtime costs.


You can easily solve that problem by higher flexibility in the automation process between humans and robots but this demands a completely structured production system!


Our solution:

Using AIRSKIN® makes collaborative applications with precise and high-performance industrial robots easy to use and they make your production process highly flexible – no fences are required anymore! This helps you to benefit from flexible work cells. You can adjust them according to your production level and need at any time. So your production process can be simplified and sped up at the same time.

Another advantage is that basically the production layout can be designed more flexibly which leads to lower costs at production peaks. The problem of finding skilled leased employees turns into a minor problem. Ultimately administrative and personnel costs are further reduced.



AIRSKIN® is certified by TÜV Austria in accordance with ISO 13849 and reaches the highest safety category PLe 3, Cat.3.


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